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Interpol – PDA

So this is not exactly an obscure track, let alone an obscure band. There is a good chance you have heard this song before. But it popped up this morning on shuffle and I was reminded how tasty the outro is. Goddamn.

I defy you not to nod your head along. And did you notice how sweet that little bass ‘murmur’ is at 3.54? Goddamn.

I am a sucker for a great outro, as you will come to see. I am also a sucker for aloo gobi and an Irish accent (not necessarily together) but I’m not sure if that is relevant here.

Ritual Howls – Turkish Leather

If you like distorted, droning bass that kinda makes you want to shake it while you shuffle; creative drum sequencing mixed with neat little samples here and there that create a dangerous vibe; deep monotone-ish vocals; and simple yet effective guitar that somehow doesn’t overplay then you’ll probably like this track.

Recommended listening scenario: driving down a dark country road, feeling cocky and vengeful, window down despite the cool night air, remembering the final scene from Lost Highway and feeling like doing something, anything other than going home.

Support the artist (three dudes from Detroit) via their Bandcamp.

Kamasi Washington – Re Run Home

This is such a groovy, intense jazz track that I find myself coming back to time and again. Released under Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder label, the skill of musicians involved really shines through in both the complex percussion that pushes the track forward and saxophone phrasing that demands your attention.

Clocking in at almost 3 hours, album The Epic was released earlier this week.


Bonobo – Emkay

As I was getting ready to move to London it occurred to me I would be leaving behind my vinyl, a disappointing realisation as The North Borders was a classic Sunday evening listen. There’s a warm vibe delivered throughout this track which is helped along by the bass note being held the full length of a bar and violins gradually building in intensity. The percussive hits and occasional stabs of different instruments contrast well with the slower moving bass and violin to result in a track that successfully borrows from a range of musical styles.

Boards of Canada – Everything You Do is a Balloon

True masters of the analog nostalgic sound, in Everything You Do is a Balloon Scottish duo Boards of Canada transport you back with slow synths drifting in over a solid beat. Kicking off with mono sounding bleeps reminiscent of a music box, a moderately-paced beat picks up and is gradually layered with a twisting melody. I find myself hearing something new in the layers of sound almost every time I listen to this track.